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The First of its Kind in Tropical Bali

Matcha Cafe Bali

We all have different journeys in life, and this Matcha story is an exceptional journey that started with me, Matteo, I’m the founder of Matcha Cafe which has been open since 2017.

Matteo Larghi the founder of Matcha Cafe Bali
Temple in Japan, the land where Matteo got to know matcha for the first time in 2006

I am Italian born, originally from Milan where I worked as a graphic and website designer.   My dream was always to see the world and I eventually found myself living and working in Australia. From there, I visited Japan back in 2006 and that’s where I first experienced the magic of Matcha green tea and I instantly fell in love with its captivating flavour and all its brilliant health benefits.

Back in Australia, I carried on working, for various web agencies and I moved up the ladder, becoming a Creative Director but I felt that I wanted to do something else and I yearned to continue travelling.

I took up yoga practice and it helped me to view life differently. I started to shift my focus and values and understand what was really important to me. Next, I decided to take a year off on a sabbatical, I needed a break; I was always working far more hours than I should have done and though I was successful – there was more to life and yoga practice had helped me to realise it.

Interestingly, I think there’s a link to my love for Matcha Green Tea. I always preferred it over coffee or other teas, especially its antioxidant qualities and the powerful, natural boost that it always delivered, it was in-tune with mindfulness and enjoying natural goodness.

Matteo Larghi at the Everest based camp in 2016
Matteo Larghi zen meditating in Indonesia

My first stop was Kathmandu and then I hiked to the Everest base camp. It was absolutely incredible, on top of the world (literally!). I continued travelling around Asia, visited India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia and finally stopped in Bali.

It was Bali that captured my imagination, not only did I become more spiritual, (I continued to practice yoga and I learned how to meditate), I also could enjoy the surfing and the laid-back paradise of beach life. However, I couldn’t find my Matcha, well, certainly not “legit” Matcha. Not being a quitter, I decided that I should open my very own Matcha Cafe and so here we are today.

To me, Matcha was always an opportunity to showcase its benefits for other people, how its natural goodness has so much more to offer than just an antioxidant drink. I knew that in some areas of the world Matcha was very much associated with desserts and sweet things but I also knew that its health properties could be used in healthy eating.

I decided to bring those health benefits to other people and that’s what Matcha Cafe is about. Healthy, nutritious and delicious food and drinks associated with Matcha (we also serve nutritious food without Matcha too).

My artisan Uji Matcha from Japan is always high quality and comes from 800 years of farming experience, I don’t believe in serving anything less! The café and restaurant has been an immense success so it felt right to expand and bring my Matcha products to people all around the world.

I hope you love my Matcha products as much as I do (and as much as my Matcha Cafe customers do too). Why not visit my shopping page and see the Matcha products I have for you to enjoy?

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