Our Matcha

Sourced from the Hills of Uji in Japan

Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, highest quality

We’re mighty proud of our matcha green tea! Our aim is to only offer the very best possible matcha at our café in Bali and for you, our wonderful customers. Want to know more about it? Read on!

Pure ceremony grade matcha green tea powder from Matcha Cafe Bali available for shipping worldwide
The famous matcha soft served ice cream made at Matcha Cafe Bali with ceremonial grade matcha

Our single-origin, ceremonial grade matcha powder is sourced from the hills of Uji, in the Kyoto region of Japan. Our matcha is grown the same way as it was over 800 years ago when it first arrived in Japan from China. The Uji area is phenomenal for matcha growing as it’s hilly and of good altitude. The soil is fertile; it is of the right acidic, rich “consistency” and contains an abundance of amazing nutrients that create the finest, most flavoursome matcha in the world. The brightest, most vibrant matcha always comes from Uji because the conditions achieve that vivid green we all love! You cannot find better matcha and we recommend using our Ceremonial Grade for your matcha green tea drink.

Matcha green tea in Bali, pure ceremonial grade made the traditional way with chawan and chasen
The camellia sinensis matcha green tea plant

Uji matcha tea is grown in shade for 20 days before the first harvest (Ichibancha) in early May. There’s a reason why that shade is so important because reducing the amount of sunlight, the leaves increase their production of L-theanine (a natural amino acid that also delivers amazing matcha flavour) and chlorophyll (responsible for the bright green colour). At the first harvest, only the youngest, most tender leaves (Camellia sinensis) are picked and everything is done by hand to ensure the quality is at its best. Then, the leaves are steamed and air dried, de-stemmed and all vines removed before they’re stone-ground into powder.


Like anyone, we don’t like waste so our matcha tea leaves are ground according to supply and demand. Not only does this reduce waste, it also makes sure that the matcha you drink is the freshest available. As soon as those leaves are stone-ground into fine, matcha powder, we seal it into our packaging. Our packaging is structured to prevent light, moisture, bacteria and oxygen getting in – giving you a fabulous flavour every time! It’s good to know that all of our matcha is sourced directly from tea farmers and tea processing manufacturers. Once sealed, it’s ready to ship out of Uji…

The Organic Thing!

We have to mention that our ceremonial grade matcha isn’t certified organic, although we believe it’s as organic as can be. It’s also vegan-friendly and non-GMO. We’ll tell you more. Our ceremonial grade matcha is free from chemical pesticides so there’s nothing to worry about. Our matcha farmers only use 100% safe fertilisers in the soil, free of chemical pesticide. As we’ve mentioned, Japanese matcha from Uji is the best in the world and has been farmed the same way for over 800 years. There are farming restrictions in the Uji area to preserve the age-old method of matcha farming. The fertilisers have to be a certain type, the soil a certain consistency, the climate right and the altitude too. Farmers are not allowed to change anything to get an organic certification and rightly so, no one wants to lose the quality that Uji matcha is famous for! However, in our eyes it’s pretty organic!

Also, we’d like to remind you that Japanese tea safety standards are rigorous and better than organic safety standards. Oh, and the Japanese love Uji matcha, they’re also amongst the healthiest and oldest living humans on earth – now that says something!

Testing and Product Safety

At Matcha Café we have rigorous standards and maintain meticulous safety measures to ensure the quality of our matcha products. We take lots of precautions so you always know you are getting the best matcha green tea, we regularly analyse samples for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation and mycotoxins so you always enjoy all clean, nutritious, delicious and green matcha.

Ceremonial V Culinary Matcha

Our premium ceremonial grade matcha delivers a rich, creamy flavour with a dash of sweetness, it’s refreshing and almost “grassy” – there’s nothing quite like it.

Let’s talk culinary for a moment. Our premium grade cooking (or culinary) Matcha is certified organic but we recommend it for flavoursome cooking such as baked goods, sweet treats and healthy eating rather than drinking (see our very own delicious recipes here that use our premium grade cooking matcha). Culinary matcha uses older tea leaves that get more sun than the youngest leaves (better for drinking). The colour is also a duller green, (more olive than bright green). It does still have a high level of antioxidants but is so much better for cooking than drinking because its flavour has a slightly bitter note. Our culinary matcha is organic because it is grown in different conditions and uses certified organic fertilisers – this is a newer method of growing and has only really been in existence for around a decade. It still tastes great though as a culinary ingredient, we swear by it for cooking.

Finally, we guarantee that all of our matcha is just outstanding. Sometimes, we can’t find the right words to describe how delicious it is. It’s premium quality, healthy, nutritious, smooth and creamy and our price is pretty darn good too!

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